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 About Us 

Our firm was established in 1998 by Dr. Mohammed Fida Bahjatt. He believes that the necessary components of success lie in exemplary performance of services.Since our founding, we have established a reputation for excellence in the business and professional community. That reputation is the result of decades of hard work, diligent service to our clients, the development of industry expertise, and the creation of a stimulating workplace.


Our firm believes that honesty, hard work and determination hold the keys to success and we follow these principles when helping clients unlock their potential for success. This is what makes us different.Guided by the ideology of our founder, our firm truly believes in the following core values:


 Understanding our clients and their needs


 Meeting our clients expectations


 Defining problems and presenting innovative solutions with creative ideas


 Treating people with dignity and respect


 Developing a dynamic workforce with leadership qualities


As a growing firm our focus is on giving clients access to the best and most experienced professionals in our industry, regardless of the discipline. Even as we grow, we stick to our culture of personal attention and customized services.


At MFB all of our experiences and credentials blend to create a wealth of knowledge, understanding and problem solving skills. We work as a team to achieve our goals.

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